I’m going to keep this mostly abbreviated because Im trying to conserve battery life.

First. The people. They are so friendly and always smiling. One herder wanted to show me where the trail was then agreed to let me take his picture.

Then there are the kids. They run screaming in the road wanting you to high five them as you pass. A couple missed high five because they were too far away, so i made sure to u-turn and get them.

As far as ride went. I was up and down on both terrain and feeling. Massive 30 mile climb at start went up 6 or 7 thousand feet to a summit of 10,900 ft. I’m sure the front folks rode all of it because it never got supper steep. Everyone I saw walked last 4 miles. On the decent, a piece of shale ripped open the sidewall. I got it sewn and patched with a tube. Then that flatted again. These cost me 2+ hrs. The stitching took forever. Finished ride in the dark. Just made it into tent before a thunderstorm hit. Ended up with about 85 miles, 9,000 ft climbing. Guy in lead is over 100 miles ahead. Amazing. Me, I just want to finish. I’m not DFL, but pretty close.

8 thoughts on “The best thing about Kyrgyzstan has to be the people.

  1. Love all the pictures. What a crazy first day you’ve had and you’re still in it!! I love you so much!

  2. Experience of a lifetime, albeit one requiring amazing exertion. Sending you all the good fortune I can muster. Cheers, mate!

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