The day started out quite pleasant. I had camped off of a paved road in the middle of the a desert landscape under the stars. I had not bother to setup my tent because the temperature was quite pleasant. Even with my mattress completely deflated, I slept quite well.

My route today started off with a nice gift – about 15 miles of flat pavement. Mid morning I got to the next resupply at intersection cafĂ©. There was a restaurant there selling fresh pan seared trout and I decided second breakfast was needed. A real meal seemed so much better than the raisins and stale bread I’d had at the campsite.

After leaving the intersection cafe, the route diverted off of pavement onto a gravel road. The road was never ending loose gravel with washboard. It was hard to ride on, but I’m feeling stronger every day which is great.

However, I was climbing this road I really began to notice how loose the rear end of my bike was. I stopped to check it a few times and each time it seemed to be getting more wobbly. To my dismay, it became evident that this was something I could not fix. Brakes are rubbing when I apply pressure to the pedals and the rear tire is rubbing on the frame. I’m really good at improvising, but something is seriously wrong with rear the rear hub. After much agonizing, I decided I had no option other than to scratch. I could ride further, but if I do that I’m going to break an axle or something worse. Oh well. From later talking to a friend, it sounds like there is a know recall issue with the this hub I have on this bike. 

So with that, the first thing I want to do is thank all of you, my friends and family, for cheering me on. It really helped during the hard times when I wanted to give up. I’m obviously extremely sad about the outcome, but these things happen. It’s been a great experience which has opened my eyes to an amazing part of the world. I know I will have to come back and do the race again at some point. I’m not one to let a big goal like this go. Also, the people and scenery are too amazing to absorb in only a single trip.

3 thoughts on “SRMR Day 6 – oh well, that’s it for me

  1. Keith Robert Sheets says:

    oh man – so sorry to hear this – begin taken out by a stupid mechanical after such an investment of planning, preparing, suffering really sucks – quite an adventure – thanks for the blog and the pics –

  2. What an amazing journey. What an amazing experience! So proud of you. All that you have learned I know you will put to great use on your next insane adventure!

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